Club Information

Newcastle Harness Racing Club Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The Club’s Constitution sets out its principles, purpose and rules & regulations. The overseeing body as appointed by NSW Government Legislation is Harness Racing NSW.


NHRC Board of Directors

Chairman: Daryl Rodgers

Deputy Chairman: Peter Payne

Directors: Tom Davies, Clayton Harmey, Daryll Jackson, Cheryl Neilson, Peter Payne, Darren Reay, Peter Witcom


Executive Management Team

Secretary Manager:
Wayne Smith [email protected]

Finance Manager:
Mark Petersen [email protected]

Marketing & Business Development Manager: 
Jane Hextell [email protected]


Life Members

Norm Williams (dec), Linda Reynolds (dec), Jim Bell, Tony Halpin, Bill Tomlin (dec), John Potter (dec), Arthur Harrison, Cheryl Neilson, Yvonne Heaton (dec), David Carpenter,  Pam Tomlin, Colin Screen, Lawrie Carpenter, Eric McGaughey (dec), Glenn Frew.

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